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R. David Marquez is the Best Foreclosure Defense Attorney

When you initially purchased your home, you may have had long-term plans to live in the home on your own or with your family, to lay down roots and to get to know your neighbors. You may have also had plans to build up equity and to become more financially secure through homeownership. Owning a home is a big part of the great American dream, but all too often, this dream of homeownership turns into a nightmare due to the threat of a pending foreclosure. If you are facing a foreclosure today, you want to contact R. David Marquez as your Long Island foreclosure attorney.

Long before you reached the point of a pending foreclosure, you may have made every effort possible to stay in the good graces of your home mortgage company. You may have attempted to contact the mortgage company when you realized that you were struggling with payments, and you may have emptied savings accounts, taken on a part-time job or made other efforts to stay on top of your payments. However, despite these significant efforts on your part, you may nonetheless be threatened by the impending loss of your home. By contacting R. David Marquez as your Long Island foreclosure attorney, you may be able to reach a more favorable outcome.

R. David Marquez has been fighting for the rights of homeowners for many years, and he is a true expert in foreclosure cases. There are numerous steps that may be taken to help you to stay inside your home, and as your Long Island foreclosure attorney, he will take time to get to know more about your case and to explore the options available to you in detail. Some of these include modification mediation, procedural defense strategies, short sales and more. Each foreclosure case is unique, but for most, the goal of the homeowner is either to stay in the home or to get out of the home without having to deal with a foreclosure. By contacting R. David Marquez today, you can learn more about the options available to you, and he can begin working on your behalf to represent your legal interests and rights.

Long Island Foreclosure Defense

When you purchased your home, the thought that it may be foreclosed on may have never crossed your mind. When most people purchase real estate, they feel comfortable with the monthly payments associated with the new mortgage, and they believe that they will live in their home until they are ready to sell it. However, when you fall behind on the mortgage payments, the lender has the right to take the property away from you through a foreclosure Long Island. The loss of a home can be devastating in more ways than one. For example, it can strip you of the equity that you have established in the home, and in some cases, this can result in a significant loss of assets. It can also cause you to be removed from the home that you know and love. Some people may not have anywhere else to live after a foreclosure.

Clearly, a foreclosure Long Island is not the ideal situation, and the good news is that there are some wonderful alternatives that may be available to you. When you receive a foreclosure notice in the mail, you may understandably feel upset and as though you have no options. The fact is, however, that you may have several options available that can prevent a foreclosure. By choosing to work with R. David Marquez for legal assistance, you can obtain sound legal advice and guidance. He will sit down with you to help you learn more about your legal options. A foreclosure is one possibility, but negotiations to restructure the loan terms, selling the property and other options may be available to you as well. These may help you to stay in the home, to get out of the home while saving your equity or to enjoy other benefits.

After you have learned about your options and have made a decision about how to proceed,R. David Marquez will continue to work hard to represent your interests and to fight for your rights. He is a lawyer who specializes in foreclosure Long Island cases, and you can put his legal expertise in this area of the law to work for you.

Foreclosure Defense in Long Island

Many homeowners across the local area have been struggling with their mortgage payments in recent months. Some have fallen behind but have managed to get back on track with considerable effort. Others have fallen behind and have not been able to catch up with their payments. At some point, many of these homeowners have considered the possibility that their home may be foreclosed on. For some, the idea of the bank taking their home may be devastating. While most would love to stay in their home, some may be considering the financial relief that they may experience if the bank does foreclose on their property. The fact is that a foreclosure is often a worst-case scenario because it will result in your home and its equity being removed from your possession. More than that, a foreclosure also strips you of the place where you call home and where you have made many lovely memories with family and friends. This is a costly and emotionally damaging process, so avoiding it with a foreclosure alternative is a great option. R. David Marquez is a foreclosure attorney Long Island who can help you to explore foreclosure alternatives.

A foreclosure truly is a worst-case scenario, and there are several other strategies that you may employ that are beneficial alternatives to a foreclosure. For example, your foreclosure attorney Long Island may help you to negotiate different loan terms with your lender or may agree to delay the foreclosure to provide you with time to list the home on the market. Both of these would allow you to retain your equity and could prevent the ding to your credit rating caused by a foreclosure.

When you are ready to begin exploring your options with a foreclosure attorney Long Island, working with R. David Marquez as your attorney is a great idea. He has many years of experience in this area of the law, and you can put his experience to work for you. He understands that each homeowner may have unique needs and goals, and he can help you to explore the foreclosure alternatives that may be available to you.

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