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Law Firm of R. David Marquez, PC.
Law Firm of R. David Marquez, PC.

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Client Testimonials

“David Marquez is a brilliant foreclosure attorney. He is tenacious and very consistent with his strategy and very meticulous. He did a fantastic job of not only stopping foreclosure on my home but actually got the bank to cancel the mortgage after years of litigation! Simply put, he is probably the best attorney in Long Island to handle any foreclosure.”Jethmal

“I hired R. David Marquez to represent my wife and me in a foreclosure case regarding our home. The home decreased in value after the 2008 financial meltdown. He is an expert in finding the right defense in fighting the big banks. I would recommend David to anyone who wants peace of mind when going through foreclosure proceedings in New York Supreme Court. His track record is proof of this fact that anyone can find on his website.”Walter F.

“David Marquez and his team have been amazing to work with. His team are super efficient and really easy to deal with. David is incredibly knowledgeable about property law and in particular foreclosure actions. David keeps totally on top of all the latest changes in foreclosure / property law and manages to explain particularly complex and challenging points of law in a language that an ordinary homeowner can understand.His advice on how to play out our action with the bank was incredible and at the end of the day after almost 4 years of working together and two years of going backwards and forwards to the County Court we got to a settlement that I was delighted with. I highly recommend David and his incredible team.”Mike

“In the process of forming my corporation, I utilized Mr. Marquez’s legal advice on a number of issues which included incorporating the business and the drafting of client contracts. I specialize in a unique and innovative approach to offering financial education and research that will soon become the standard on how people make their financial decisions. Mr. Marquez’s role greatly impacted my corporation’s direction and set us on a path to greater successes. The legal advice we received has been the foundation to which we base our unique services and are able to offer our clients the choices they so deserve when attempting to make a financial decision. In fullfilling our mission to offer our client’s education and access to safe, reliable and affordable products and services through third parties, Mr. Marquez has been the focal point in giving us this opportunity. Thank you, Dave, for the time that you spent researching and strategically designing our company’s unique business. We look forward to working with you again in 2010.”Cesar

“If you’re looking for a good and decent lawyer in the Mineola area, look no further than this law firm! From his attentive employees to his dedication to your specific case, you will never feel like you’re alone in the legal world. I went in for a legal consultation and he treated me like I was a paying client of his own right from the start! I highly recommend!”A Satisfied Client

“I retained Mr. Marquez several years ago to assist with a rather complex and intricate situation following hardship. After attentively hearing the matter, Mr. Marquez explained all of my options and asked what was the end goal. My wish was to be able to stay in the house until my children graduated from HS.

Mr. Marquez was the epitome of professionalism, integrity, efficiency, thorough and importantly emphatic. He was patient and truly cared. In the end, 2 of my children already graduated from college and the other two are in college.

Had it not been that Mr. Marquez saw the human element of my situation, I’m not sure where we would end up. He kept my family together. That speaks volume to his character and capability.
Attorneys are a dime a dozen, however, if you want someone to truly help during an extremely delicate situation, I highly recommend Mr. Marquez. His fee was fair and affordable, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind when you have children involved!!”Terry S.

“I have been a client of Mr. Marquez for several years. He has assisted me in several areas of the law in complex litigation, including but not limited to foreclosure defense. He has a vast knowledge of the law and the court system and the procedures of the court system. He is excellent at taking on the big and powerful law firms on his clients’ behalf. Mr. Marquez and his staff are always knowledgeable, well prepared, polite, diligent and thorough. He and his firm are there for you in the most difficult of times and I highly recommend the Law Firm of R. David Marquez, P.C.”S. Siegel

“I have been going to David Marquez for the past 3 years for my business and copyright needs as well as estate and will issues. Mr. Marquez is proficient in all forms of law and I personally found him to be profoundly experienced, knowledgable and full of fantastic advice. He knows your rights and he shows you how to fight for them. He loves practicing law and it really shows when you speak with him. His advice helped me make the right decisions for my business and family concerns. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a lawyer to represent them or advise them with their legal needs.”Cassandra F.

“Great attorney, works hard on your case and helps you stay in your home.”Chris D.

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