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In today’s tough economic times with depressed real estate markets, many homeowners are facing potential residential foreclosures. Often, these legal actions have come about through no fault of the homeowner involved. Job loss through downsizing, cutbacks, market failure, reduced hours or wages, illness or injury resulting in lost employment and spiraling medical expenses, loss of investment income, business failures, costly divorce, and other situations can lead to severe financial distress. Furthermore, many homeowners have been subjected to unfair lending practices and have seen their home values fall below what they owe.

At the Law Firm of R. David Marquez, P.C. you will find a group of experienced litigators who understand the anxiety and frustration you face at the prospect of losing your home. Each Long Island foreclosure defense attorney at the firm is dedicated to using every legal measure that is available to help you fight back.

To learn more about the legal aspects of foreclosure and how the firm can help you, please review the following topics of information. Just click on the highlighted areas of each topic to be directed to another page that presents additional material concerning that subject.

Foreclosure FAQs

Learn the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about foreclosure, what it means, the process involved, and what can be done in your defense. What is a foreclosure, how does it begin, and what actions can be taken to fight it? Click here to read more about foreclosure FAQs.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure defense refers to the practice of fighting a lender or mortgage holder who has taken legal steps to foreclose on your home. Through various defense tactics and strategies, you may be able to stall the process or completely stop it. Click here to read more about foreclosure defense.

Fighting Foreclosure

Various legal defenses can be used to fight a foreclosure. This topic area includes information about mandatory modification mediationnotice requirements and provisionsfraudulent and misleading documents presented by banks in foreclosure proceedings, and procedural defenses. Read more about fighting foreclosure.

Foreclosure Alternatives

Learn the pros and cons of various alternatives to foreclosure, such as short sales and deeds in lieu. Find out when these types of alternatives may be used and what the consequences will be. Click here to read more about foreclosure alternatives.

The Foreclosure Process

Find out how the foreclosure process begins and what it entails. By understanding this process, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions about how to proceed if you are facing a potential or pending foreclosure. Learn how the firm can assist you in fighting the process to save your home or in finding a workable alternative. Read more about the foreclosure process.

How Foreclosure Affects Credit

Losing your home in a foreclosure will have a definite effect on your credit. Learn how this will affect you and what you can do to rebuild your credit in the aftermath of a foreclosure. If it is inevitable, find out why a foreclosure is not the worst thing that can happen. Click here to read more about how foreclosure affects credit.

Why Hire a Foreclosure Lawyer?

What are the benefits and advantages of working with a foreclosure defense attorney? Find out how an attorney from the firm can make a difference in your efforts to fight a potential foreclosure. Click here to read more about why you should hire a foreclosure lawyer.

What is Predatory Lending?

Predatory lending refers to unfair or abusive loan terms placed on borrowers. Various unlawful activities can be categorized under the heading of predatory lending, including loan terms that are not clearly and accurately disclosed, altered documents, risk-based pricing that is not justified or reasonable, and more. Read more about predatory lending.

To fully understand your legal rights and options when it comes to a potential foreclosure, it is important that you consult an attorney who is focused intensively in this legal field, who is fully versed in foreclosure defense in your geographical area, and who has a solid track record of success. You will find all of these qualifications and more with the legal team at the firm. Get experienced and dedicated legal assistance that can make a difference in your case.

Civil and Criminal Law

We also litigate Civil and Criminal law cases. To find out more about our Civil and Criminal law practice, please follow the link to

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Contact a Long Island foreclosure defense attorney at the firm to discuss your case and get the answers you need about how to fight foreclosure today.

What Is Foreclosure Fraud?

Foreclosure fraud refers to a type of illegal scheme—specifically, illegal schemes that utilize fake or misrepresented information, statements or promises related to foreclosure. Foreclosure fraud is designed to enrich the fraudster, whether they’re an individual or a company, by depriving the victim of the value of their property… Read More


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