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Why Should I Hire A Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

If you are facing a foreclosure, you are dealing with what can be an incredibly stressful, difficult ordeal. You are likely grappling with a huge amount of uncertainty, both about the short-term future and the long-term future. Simply put, you probably have a lot on your plate—and you might not be able to handle it effectively on your own.

While you do not legally have to hire an attorney to represent you when handling foreclosure proceedings, there are many reasons why you might want to consider it.

  • Foreclosure attorneys have the knowledge—and the skills—to give you every possible advantage. Unless you are a foreclosure professional, you probably do not have a great deal of specialized knowledge about foreclosure law and foreclosure proceedings. Foreclosure attorneys have that knowledge. They have studied and practiced the many intricate laws—both New York State laws and Federal laws—that govern foreclosures and the surrounding issues. This knowledge—and the legal skill to use it properly—can be absolutely indispensable in a foreclosure case. They can map out a strategy to defend you against foreclosure, and can discern when lenders, attorneys, and other parties have acted illegally and unethically—and hold them accountable.
  • Foreclosure law evolves, and attorneys can follow that evolution. Foreclosure is an area of law that is continually evolving. This is especially true in times of economic uncertainty, like the kind we are currently experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. A layperson handling their own foreclosure defense is unlikely to be informed about the latest changes in foreclosure law, and may therefore miss out on strategies that could make (or break) their case. It is part of a foreclosure defense attorney’s job to stay on top of these changes as they happen, and plan your defense accordingly.
  • Foreclosure attorneys know how to play by the complex rules of the Court and foreclosure administrative systems. The foreclosure process is both a legal process and a financial process—and therefore has many, many complex, intricate rules and regulations that must be followed in order to successfully avoid foreclosure. It is exceedingly difficult to understand and adhere to all of these rules and filing deadlines as a layperson. Foreclosure attorneys, on the other hand, can ensure that all t’s are crossed and all i’s are dotted on your behalf.
  • A foreclosure attorney will know all available options to save your home—and how to pursue them most effectively. The end-goal of foreclosure defense is, ideally, to save your home from foreclosure. Due to their highly specialized, up-to-date knowledge about how foreclosure law works, foreclosure attorneys will be able to evaluate your case and discern the best possible avenue to pursue to keep you in your house. They will be able to explain all of your available options, advise which option they think is the best course of action, and ultimately pursue the most likely path to success on your behalf.

What Will My Foreclosure Defense Attorney Do For Me?

When you hire a foreclosure defense attorney, you can expect them to:

  • Communicate with you about your case, and maintain a reasonably open line of communication with you
  • Explain the process of foreclosure, including what happens before, during, and afterward.
  • Honestly assess your case and lay out your options, with general probabilities of success.
  • Thoroughly explain the potential repercussions of a strategy failing or succeeding.
  • Meet all legal deadlines and properly file all necessary paperwork.
  • Be completely open, honest, and up front about how much their legal services will cost you, from start to finish—ideally with an accompanying contract.
  • Maintain attorney-client privilege and confidentiality.
  • Always act ethically and within the limits of the law when representing you.
  • Always and without fail act in your best interest as their client.

If you are in the Mineola, NY area and you are facing foreclosure, there is help out there for you. Reach out to Mineola Foreclosure Defense Attorney R. David Marquez, PC today at (516) 478-9302 for an expert consultation on your case

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